Parent Volunteers

Volunteering Helps Our Team!!

Thank you parents for supporting our teams by working the concession stand during our home games.

Below is our homegame volunteer schedule for your reference.  If you are unable to work your scheduled date, please use this list to switch dates or sign up for a date that is still open.  If you would like to sign up for a second date, please email

August 13th - Varsity

5:00pm - Donna  Worthington  & Mitzi Capote

7:00pm - Kanayo Eke & Almah Wright


August 15th - Varsity

5:00pm - Charlie Manning & Tiffany Walls


August 21st - JV/Freshman

5:00pm - George Isaza & Mary Youngblood

7:00pm - Dana Evens & Heather Walker


August 26th - JV/Freshman

5:00pm - Steve Childree & Dawn Jones

7:00pm - Angel Murphy & Chanae Robinson


August 29th - Varsity 

5:00pm - David Wilhoit & Almah Wright

7:00pm - Jessica Pope & Terina Assouad


September 4th - JV/Freshman

5:00pm - Jill Davis & Sherrie McColley

7:00pm - Mateeka Smith & George Castillo


September 10th - Varsity

5:00pm - Meghan Gaskill & Christa Wilhoit-Churco

6:00pm - Lenora Smith & Hope Coan


October 1st - Varsity

5:00pm - Tami Woytek, Jill Davis & Sherrie McColley

7:00pm - Alex Dubrovsky & Coral Santana


October 2nd - JV & Freshman Tournament

3:30pm - 8:30pm - OPEN, OPEN, OPEN

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